W04D7🏃Easy Long Run or Long Easy Run?🤔ROAD TO VIVICITTA

by admin, January 20, 2018

Today’s Gagmin half marathon training plan had us running what it called a long run;

W04D7-Long Run
Sat, 20 Jan. 2018 • Run in Z2, easy, conversational pace, 45 minutes. • Cool down, 5 to 10 minutes. • Stretch.

This got me thinking… At what point does a run become a long run? Considering we have already completed 40 minute easy runs in zone 2, by just adding an extra 5 more minutes made today’s run a long run according to the plan.

Today’s run we headed to Margit Islanf to do the “long run”. Janka joined us today but we ran at different places and arranged to meet back at the steps after 45 minutes.

Because of the timing we did a full lap around the island before calculating how much further we had to run after passing the steps before having to turn around again. In the past we have had complaints about running in the wrongg direction but for us running in this direction seems perfectly normal especially given this certain situation.

You can find my Half Marathon training plan along with many others at Garmin Connect 

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