#MFRstories Vlog6 Baby It’s Cold Outside!

by admin, January 5, 2017

After an investing in all the baby running gear it was always feared that Dalma might not like coming running but so far so good. We also feared that it would simply be too cold for her to run which is why we also invested heavily in good winter kit for the Baby runner with a superior winter footmuff  and rain/wind cover.

It's one of those things where until you try it you never know if they with be comfortable. After each run now she has been nice and toasty inside the runner and has slept for the majority of each run.

We are starting to make it a routine of running then coffee giving Mum some time to complete her home office duties. It's something we look to continue on a daily basiss but would love to make our group of 2 bigger.

Who else wants to come running with us? We have our Sziget RUN this Saturday!

Do you have a story to tell?

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