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by admin, January 3, 2017

Life can throw some challenges at you and there has been no bigger life change for us than the introduction of a little human into our family. We welcomed Dalma into the world back in May and ever since then life has been hectic. We have been so blessed having her in our life but our life balance as we knew it has been thrown out the door. All you have to do is look at the graph below and see our running activities have almost come to a stand still.

To be fair it isn't just simply having Dalma in our life but a factor of reason why we haven't found the time to RUN.

  • Working Full Time
  • Moving to a better apartment and buying an apartment (Further away from Margaret Island AHHHHHH!)
  • Winter with the colder temperatures and shorter days

The biggest killer in all this is the change to a running routine which had become embedded into our daily basis, wake up, work, RUN, sleep. For anyone with a newborn you know that sleep can be non existent.


Making a Change

With this life change we had to find a way to keep RUNNING and the answer for us was to reorganise our work/life balance and move from full-time to part-time work. As the wife is currently working full time home office it was up to me to make a change. Originally I was going to be a full time stay at home DAD but as it turned out I was able to negotiate with my employer to work part-time to relieve my wife from having to juggle full time work and raising a 7 month old.


Today's Successful RUN

Yesterday I attempted a RUN and failed miserably.I got away later than I had planned as the sun was disappearing behind the horizon. There was only one park available and when I parked I couldn't open the doors. I  had to squeeze Dalma through the opposite door. The runner wouldn't unfold and by the time I had everything sorted and was walking across the bridge I realised I hadn't paid for parking ( I hadn't even locked the car). I went to pay but realised I had no money and trying to understand phone payment sign pushed me over the edge just as I saw the meter man coming. I effectively had a mini tantrum and packed everything back into the car and went back home without even running.

Today was different everything worked. I went back to my Happy Place Margaret Island by car, found a park easily, paid the meter and got the runner out with no trouble and had Dalma ready to RUN in no time. Having finished the Run Dalma was in such a good mood after sleeping for half the RUN I was able to enjoy 2 lattes. I can see myself getting use to this Daddy day care routine of running.

Do you have a story to tell?

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