#MFRstories Vlog 18 – Ezerjó Félmaraton 2017

by admin, May 13, 2017

The Ezerjó Félmaraton has a large place in our hearts since it’s inception four years ago. We played a major role in the creation of the event from designing the three different courses, web design, registrations, medal design and promoting the event.

It was the Ezerjó Félmaraton where the question was popped after completing the 21km in its 2nd year and in its 3rd year is when I won my only race ever over the 10km distance.


So when it came to the 4th Ezerjó Félmaraton it seemed only natural to included the newest member to our family, Dalma, to take part in her first ever running event. For the occasion it was planned to video the entire run but as it turned out we only managed to record before the start of the run and forgot to hit record before starting. All we have to show is some time-lapse video 🙁

As a positive this year was the first time we got to document the finish of one our biggest supporters success stories Harangozó József. For all of the past years we have stayed waiting to see him finish but have always somehow managed to miss him cross the line. So after the disappointment of not having the footage from Dalma’s first run we were determined to capture Harangozó József return from his 21km journey into the Mór wine country.


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