#MFRstories Vlog 22 – Froccs RUN with the Budapest Running Project

by admin, May 13, 2017

This time last year we spent a lot of time running the Budapest Running Project all around where else but…….Budapest of course. In that time we got to run some pretty scenic urban routes, the kind you wouldn’t think to do because its too much effort to discover new running locals in Budapest.

Since the birth of our little girl last year we took a departure away from these opportunities to see new parts of Budapest while running. This week was different and we managed to find the time to join The Budapest Running Project on one of their runs we had never done before but have been wanting to do for a long time now…… The Froccs Run.

The big attraction to running groups like the Budapest Running Project is the social side of running and the Froccs Run is one of those runs where you get to enjoy a chat and some wine after a nice scenic Budapest run.

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