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by admin, December 23, 2016

Earlier in the week we had set up new Facebook page called Sziget RUNners. This page was set up primarily for our Sziget Run runners to get in contact with each other and organise themselves to have training runs together and to share information. So far we have 43 members in the group with the conversation slowly coming in.

One of the first people to post within the group was Robyn who I had recognised from previous messages sent to Sziget Run questioning how to sign up and join our next RUN around the island. When corresponding with messages I will often click on their profile to see where they are from. When I saw Robyn was from Australia I jumped on the chance to meet her as I'm always intrigued how Hungary manages to drag us away from our homeland. 9 times out of ten from the limited Australians I have met here  it is a significant other who keeps them here.

For the past 9 years I have lived as an expat in a few different countries so meeting strangers was nothing new and meeting Robyn was like bumping into an an old friend. Right from the start we got running and talking about how much we love running, Budapest and how we found ourselves getting pulled into different directions around the world, eventually winding up in Budapest.

One thing we both agreed on was the liberating feeling you get when living as an expat having the feeling that you are not limited by your past as much and feel that ability to take on a challenge you may not have done so if you were still living in your home country.

I came to find out that Robyn was no different in the way that she started out like myself training as a teacher but quickly made a move into Editing and wound up in Hong Kong at the right time, just when China was opening up with the rest of the world and wanting to enter the China through Robyn's established Hong Kong connections.

Where Robyn differs from me is that she is one of those one out of ten Australians who isn't here because of a significant other. I think it's cool that she has the opportunity to make a living from what she loves and is able to chose where she lives.... and she chose to live in Budapest.... And why not? It's beautiful!

Do you have a story to tell?

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    • Robyn Flemming
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    • December 25, 2016

    It was a very enjoyable run. I run for general fitness and health, but also because I love to run with other people and hear their stories. Thanks for starting this page, Hayden. I'll look forward to meeting more Sziget Runners.

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