#MFRstories Vlog10 – New Sziget Run Record

by admin, February 4, 2017

On Saturday a new Sziget Run record was set by Neil Wilson in a time of 00:17:13.8. What made this achievement even the more remarkable was the conditions the record was set in. The island welcomed us with thick fog but the biggest challenge for the runners was maintaining pace despite the remaining ice  from the record cold weather we have been experiencing over the past month.

It was also great to see our past record holder Sandor congratulating Neil of this agreement online and we are sure these two will motivate each other to lower this time in future RUNS.

The thing that gets us really excited us that not only was this a new Sziget Run record but it was also Neil's personal best record over the 5k distance. This is the main reason we organise these free events to give you an opportunity once a month to get out with other runners and see the result of your training, and hopefully keep you motivated until the next RUN.

Although it's easy for us to determine course records what we are really working on is creating a system that identifies everyone's achievements based on fastest times for gender, age groups, year, and most importantly your your personal bests.

We are already in the development stage of our new www.morfitrun.com which will easily identify your achievements and make your Mor Fit Run experience a lot more enjoyable.

Be sure to join us in March and find out what you are capable of.

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