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by admin, December 31, 2016

Our Last RUN of the year is always our most highly anticipated event for Mór Fit Run Original. Its one of those events where you feel like you probably should make the effort to get to event if you have missed the last 6 months worth of runs since life became too busy to RUN. For us our December Run is a great opportunity to catch up after Christmas and have one last run to see out the year.

Last year we  were fortunate enough to have a runner video the run and ever since then we have wanted to go in this direction with documenting what we get up to. This year we ad Joszef Wearing our new Gopro and we were impressed with how well it caught the action throughghout the course.

Back at our first December Run in 2013 we were going to continual the usual run in the usual direction when one of our runners
László suggested we run the course in reverse and have the finish line in front of his house with hot tea. This year was not different and the tradition continued for a 3rd year in a row.

It was great for us to all stay around the finish a little longer and kept warm over a cup of hot tea. We hope the tradition continues for many years to come.

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