#MFRstories Vlog7 – A Polar Start to Sziget RUN in 2017

by admin, January 8, 2017

It was an extreme cold -17 degree celsius start to the the Sziget Run morning with an Arctic blast sweeping across Budapest over night. Before the RUN started we experienced casualties with 2 volunteers pulling out overnight, it was always going to be a big ask to get anyone out of bed in these extreme conditions and stand out in the freezing cold. We already had 55 runners join online at our website Mor Fit Run and figured that many of these runners might not show up at all.

On arriving the Margithid we were greeted by what was the feature of the day, a frozen Danube with ice constantly flowing past the island and down towards the parliament. The extreme cold was already causing problems with documenting the day affecting the camera's and phone'sand battery life and touch screens.

With only 10 minutes till the start we only had a few runners waiting for the start but by 8am It was heart warming to see an influx of runners making for the start with 2o runners heading off from the Mor Fit Run flags.

This was our first at creating a video for Sziget Run something we will continue for future events.

If you would like to join us next month you can join us online at Mor Fit Run.

To see all the photos from the day go to the Sziget Run Facebook Page.

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