Mikulás Sziget Run 2019

by admin, January 2, 2020

Our Mikulás run signalled the end our 2019 running calendar. 35 runners came down to Margaret Island to run 5K in foggy, icy conditions. Fatsest on the day was once again Cian Ryan who has made it a habit this year of turning up and being the fatsest. Fastest female was Máté Fanny who has seen great gains since 2016, only narrowly missing her 5K PB by 4 seconds. It’s been a year of new things for us having FirstMed helping out each month and finding new ways to encourage runners to join us each month. Throughout the year they have provided prizes for our fastest runners and reconised our runner’s special acheivments. This month Firstmed put on an after run brunch at BB’z Bar & Grill to close out the year. Thanks once again to FirstMed for your positive contributions throughout the year. We are sure our runners apreciate your efforts. We now look to 2020 and set new running goals for the year. JOIN us next month for Sziget Run 5K January 2020 and set a new 5K PB for 2020. Our goal for 2020 is to beat our 2016 record of 150 runners. We hope that will your help you can share our concept of 5K running in Budapest and get more people down to the island setting new 5K pbs each month 🙂

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