Mór Fit Run Original Búék Run

by admin, December 31, 2017

With the rain setting in early in the morning it was looking like one of those runs where we would be lucky to have any runners show. For a greater part of setting up and waiting for runners to arrive it looked like we would only have a few runners show up. As the clock got closer to the 9am start runners showed up from all directions to a point where we were hoping we had prepared enough position tickets for everyone.

One thing about new year is run is that it has always been well supported and the sense of community has grown strong over the years which was evident from the amount of handshaking on display. We also had a few runners we haven’t seen for a while show up such a Tamas Hornich who is an original original running in our first ever event back in 2014. He is often too occupied running trails around Hungary. Tamas was fastest on the day with a time of 21:48.1 which was considerably faster than his 2014 time 24:20:04.

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