Mór Fit Run Original Január 2018

by admin, January 28, 2018

We had our first Original run for 2018 in Mór today. Its always difficult to estimate how many runners will show up any given month but its normal safe to look at the facebook event page and half the number. On Saturday morning the number was 5 people going which wasn’t looking too promising, by the afternoon the number had changed to 17.

So were expecting maybe 10 runners to up and were quite surprised to see a steady flow of runners appear at the starting flags. The weather was perfect for running so they may have helped up today but we also saw a few new faces, runners who even travelled to take part in todays run.

We got running at the regular of 9am and runners disappeared into the sunshine. Having recorded the run on the drone we could see the Máte one of our fastest runners was having a go of it today and was out infront before the first turn. It didn’t take too long to see him come along the train tracks and towards the finish flags. Second place for today was Kristian who was to the run. He came across the line seconds later and then there seemed to be a flurry of close finishes. We might get one close finish a month but today was exceptional with 3 close finishes consisting of 5, 3, 2 runners battling to make it to the flags first.

We also saw a new face in the spectators with Olivia the new born making it to her first Mór Fit Run Original. Who’s knows when the 2nd generation MFR’s will start running with 🙂


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