Sziget Run 5K Fast for 2018

by admin, January 7, 2018

Having said goodbye to the year that was 2017, we welcomed 57 runners to Margaret Island to start their 2018 running. This year we were trying something different with the new winter start time of 9am. In the past we have always started at 8am but come Winter is was always that much harder to get out of bed without the assistance of an early sunrise and warmers temperatures. When compared to past winter events it could be said the new time was successful as we had never had this many runners for a winter run yet we believe many more runners would show up if Sziget Run was better publicise throughout the Budapest running community.

On the start line we saw many new and old faces alike from runners who joined us in our inception year of 2015. While we were recording out intro video we spotted one of those runners Máté Fanny running a little late on the bridge. By the time Fanni made it to the start flags it was 9am so they did make it just in time for and start and we were ready to set everyone out along the 5K Sziget run course.

We had recognised Henry Blood last months fastest runner so we new the time was going to be pretty quick. As we waited under the bridge we walked out to peep around the corner to see if anyone coming and there was a body approaching at considerable speed that told us it was likely one of our runners approaching the final turn. As it would be it was Henry rounding the final turn at speed to finish fastest yet again in a time of 17:53.5 to take out another Sziget Run. The Sziget Run record of 16:30.0 was safe for another month though.The Fastest female on the day was Urska Manners finishing in a time of 22:54.0 and has been  consistent in being the fastest female lately.

As we prepare to release out new website we would really like to recognise our runners who come each month and set new personal best times. With our current system its easy to recognise the fastest but in the coming months we want to find new ways of recognising your achievements and this will become apparent with the new features of our yet to be released website.

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