Sziget Run Augustus 2018

by admin, August 5, 2018

It was a hot Sziget Run for August with the temperarature already reaching towards 30 degrees early on Saturday morning but that didnt deter 40 runners showing up to beat their own 5k times.

This month we had extra incentives for our runners to set new PB’s with genorously providing rewards for the fastest male and female 5k aswell as runners who set new Sziget Run PB’s on the day.

Congratulations to Marco Scopen and Katie Basca who were fastest on the day along with all the runners who set PB’s taking home some garmin goodies.

To see all the results visit and join us next month for Sziget Run 5K Szeptember

Sziget Run… the πŸš«πŸ’°free πŸ“…monthly ⏱timed 5km πŸƒRUN

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