W05D3🏝️Sziget Intervals🔁Road to Vivicitta

by admin, January 23, 2018

We had a bit of success in falling asleep at a suitable time today so we were able to get up while the sun was still up for some interval training on Margaret Island.

Today was the first day I actually felt a difference from the garmin halfmarathon training plan we began a little after Christmas. Considering I was pushing a baby I began to see paces I used to hit last time I was consistently training.

To begin with I was a little too enthusiastic and was hitting 4:15 m/km within the interval which I knew was not sustainable over the 6 repititions. Something learnt from past experience. It’s just nice to feel a little bit far again.

We will wait and see how much faster I can get through the next 2 months for Vivicitta.

Today’s Run

Tue, 23 Jan. 2018 • Warm up, 10 minutes. • Run in Z4, threshold, 4 minutes. Run in Z2, recovery, 1 minutes. Repeat 6 times. • Cool down, 5 to 10 minutes. • Stretch.

You can find my Half Marathon training plan along with many others at Garmin Connect 

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